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Título Serie Año Creado
El Cielo es el Límite The Sky's the Limit
National Geographic celebrates the bicentennial of hotair
ballooning. It follows a balloon safari in East Africa,
observes a recreation of the first balloon flight by the
Montgolfier brothers, and goes to Paris for the Gordon
Bennett Race.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:03
Los Tiburones The Sharks
National Geographic looks at sharks and follows a
particular close encounter with a Great White in a shark
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:04
Koalas: Out on a Limb
Scientists work to cure a contagious disease that
threatens Australia's beloved koalas.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:05
The Samurai from Twickenham
A 35-year old pilot from England becomes the first
foreigner to participate in Japan's ancient Soma
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:06
Korup: An African Rain Forest
Explorer visits Korup a rain forest on the coast of
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:07
Cuna Initiative
On Panama's northeast coast the Cuna Indians protect
their heritage and help preserve 5000 acres of tropical
rain forest.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:08
Cazadores de África African Hunters
Explorer examines a stunning paradox of African wildlife
conservation: animals are sacrificed to the big-game
hunting industry in order to raise revenue for the
preservation of national parks.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:08
Birth of a Ship
A French marine carpenter works with lumberjacks and
sail-makers in the construction of a 19th century
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:09
The Lady and the Owl
Explorer goes to Ontario to visit a woman who has
dedicated her life to the care and rehabilitation of
injured owls.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:11
Amateur Naturalist: Jam Jar Jungle
Gerald and Lee Durrell unveil a hidden world lurking in a
tranquil pond in Kent, England.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:11
La India de Salim Alí Salim Ali's India
Explorer profiles 87-yeard old Dr. Salim Ali who is
considered to be the 'grand old man of Indian
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:12
Bile for Survival
Explorer examines the life cycle of the mosquito which
is responsible for more human deaths than any other
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:13
Explorer looks at the breeding, training, racing, and
trading of Thoroughbreds.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:14
Dolphin Touch
In Shark Bay along the Australian coast a group of wild
dolphins makes direct contact with local inhabitants.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:15
Carrera de Camellos Saudi Camel Race
In Saudi Arabia, over two thousand camels hurtle
through the desert sand in a nineteen kilometer race to
win first prize from the king.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:16
El Viaje de Brendan The Brendan Voyage
A five man crew braves the North Atlantic Ocean in an
effort to recreate the legendary voyage of Saint
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:17
Etiopía: El Imperio Oculto Ethiopia: the Hidden Empire
National Geographic surveys the African land once
known as Abyssinia. It visits monasteries, castles,
deserts, and the fertile highlands.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:18
Alaskan Grizzlies
Explorer takes a close-up look at the Alaskan grizzly
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:18
Over Sand
Stunning sand formations in Algeria serve as a backdrop
to breathtaking scenes of rock-climbing.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:19
Criaturas del Sol Amateur Naturalist: Creatures of the Sun
Gerald and Lee Durrell go to Arizona's beautiful Sonoran
Desert and examine how indigenous creatures have
adapted to the severe heat.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:20
Conquista Conquest
The United States and Soviet Union jockey for
predominance in the conquest of space.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:21
Guardián de los Everglades Guardian of the Everglades
Environmentalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas champions
the cause of the Florida's Everglades.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:22
Los Osos Polares The Polar Bears
Polar bears roam wild on an arctic island.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:22
Agua: Una Fresca Mirada Water: A Fresh Look
Walter Sigl swims among piranhas and walks under ice
as he pursues his hobby of freshwater filming.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:23
Taquile on Titicaca
Ancient Inca traditions of communal government and
handwoven colorful clothing endure on Taquile Island in
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:24
Song Dog
A study in Yellowstone National Park presents
information on the life cycle of the coyote.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:25
Gore Vidal en Venecia Vidal in Venice
Author Gore Vidal presents an affectionate look at the
history and people of his native city Venice.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:26
Tornado Alley
Storm chasers canvas the Great Plains in search of
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:27
Amateur Naturalist: Wetland Wilderness
Gerald and Lee Durrell visit France's Camargue a
marshland that is rich in wildlife.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:27
El Puente de Brooklin Brooklyn Bridge
Explorer examines the dramatic and sometimes tragic
history of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:43:28
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