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Título Serie Año Creado
Más allá de la Gran Muralla Beyond the Wall
Explorer examines the ancient way of life practiced by
China's Mongolian people.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:27
Amateur Naturalist: Upstream, Downstream
Self-trained naturalist Gerald Durrell explores the River
Wye in Wales and examines its creatures.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:28
Los Murciélagos de Merlín Merlin's Bats
Explorer profiles Dr. Merlin Tuttle who is investigating
bats deep in the caves of Texas.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:29
Piedra Santa Holy Stone
Explorer goes to the heart of Italy's marble country
with American artist Helaine Blumenfeld and discovers a
sculptor's paradise in the village of Pietrasanta.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:30
Paraíso Ártico Arctic Paradise
A family of modern pioneers create a living built of selfsufficiency
in Canada's Yukon.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:31
Agua, Nacimiento, Planeta Tierra Water, Birth, the Planet Earth
Explorer looks at the intimate connection between life
and water by examining water's role in evolution.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:32
Morder para Sobrevivir Bite for Survival
Explorer looks at the life cycle of the mosquito the
insect responsible for more human deaths than any
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:33
Mid-Ocean Dive
Explorer follows Emory Kristof and his high-tech crew as
they probe the ocean depths off of Bermuda and look
at the bizarre, fluorescent underwater lifeforms.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:34
Marionetas de Palmero Puppets of Palmero
Explorer profiles the Cutticchio family who carry on a
four generation tradition of the small theaters of
Palmero, Italy.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:35
In Pursuit of the Boar
Explorer looks at the feral pigs of French countryside
and the men who hunt them for sport.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:36
Aventurero de Alta Mar Irving Johnson, High Seas Adventurer
Explorer profiles Irving Johnson who has traveled the
oceans for more than six decades and has recorded
many of his adventures on film.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:37
Siberia: Horizonte sin Fin Siberia: The Endless Horizon
Explorer takes the Trans-Siberian Express across the
frozen frontier of the Soviet Union.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:38
Elegant Craftsman
Explorer profiles George Nakashima a 79-year-old
furniture builder whose views his craftsmanship as
spiritual work.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:38
Vudú en Haití Voodoo in Haiti
Explorer follows a group of pilgrims who are hiking to a
sacred waterfall in Haiti for ritual cleansing. Their rites
combine both Roman Catholicism and Voodoo.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:39
Amateur Naturalist: Matchbox Menagerie
Naturalist Gerald Durrell returns to Greece and
recaptures his childhood interest in small creatures.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:40
La Vida en los Dedos Life by the Fingertips
A french free climber attempts to scale a sheer wall of
rock with only his fingertips and toes.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:41
La Tierra que Devora Barcos The Land that Devours Ships
Explorer follows an expedition of divers who are using a
revolutionary submarine suit to explore the remains of
the Breadalbane a British ship lost in the arctic ocean.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:42
El Jardín del Edén Garden of Eden
Explorer looks at the threat of extinction that is facing
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:43
Cape Disappointment
Explorer follows a group of Coast Guard trainees as
they hone their skills by guiding ships through rough
seas at the National Motor Lifeboat School in
Washington State.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:44
Kodo: Tambores Japoneses Kodo: Japanese Drummers
Explorer visits the island of Sato where communal
musicians preserve the ancient Japanese art of drumbeating.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:45
Lanzarote: Land of Parched Earth
Explorer goes to the volcanic island of Lanzarote in the
Canary Islands where its people cultivate an almost
lunar landscape.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:45
En las Alas del Ángel On Angel's Wings
A trio of daredevils travel to Angel Falls. Two of them
hang glide from the top of the falls while the third
attempts a parachute jump.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:46
The Incredible Heap
Explorers looks at the work of mice, spiders, lice, and
snakes when it examines the art of making compost.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:47
Pingüinos de Patagonia Patagonia Penguins
Explorer travels to the desert of southern Argentina
where volunteers capture penguins for a study focusing
on their conservation.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:48
Avalanche Institute
Explorer goes to the Swiss Alps where scientists study
the causes of avalanches.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:49
El Pequeño Mundo de Dietmar Fill The Little World of Dietmar Fill
Explorer watches as the camera of wildlife photographer
Dietmar Fill reveals microscopic life in an Australian
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:50
Maestros de Murano Masters of Murano
Explorer looks at the artisans of Murano, Italy who
make masterworks of Venetian glass.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:51
Alyeska: La vida Salvaje del Ártico Alyeska - Arctic Wilderness
Explorer goes to Alaska and observes the cycle of the
seasons and its effects of wildlife.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:52
Ángeles de la Guerra Angels of War
Residents of Papua New Guinea recall the horrors of
military occupation during World War II.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:52
Mohawks High Up
Explorer follows a group of death-defying Mohawk
Indians as they tread the narrow steel girders of an
under construction Manhattan skyscraper.
National Geographic 1,985 22-02-2016 16:42:53
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